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© 2024 urich

Shopify Development
Web development
UI/UX Design

Aurora Crystal

A luxury bag-centered Shopify website for a client in Saudi Arabia targeting a global audience.


  • Custom Shopify theme reflecting luxury and sophistication, ensuring an elegant and user-friendly interface.
  • Refined search, secure payments, multilingual support, and seamless cross-device navigation to enhance user experience and drive international sales.
  • Employing localized currency, varied shipping options, and culturally sensitive design elements ensures inclusivity for diverse global audiences.


The store has several categories: Clutches, Crossbody bags, Shoulder bags, Evening bags. We've implemented convenient filtering and sorting options by price and novelty. Product cards are displayed in a standard grid format with the ability for quick purchase upon hovering.


In the store, there are several collections available, including limited edition, seasonal, and clearance items, among others. The page features concise descriptions and a distinct layout different from the catalog.


  • Shopify Theme
  • Liquid
  • HTML5
  • CSS3
  • JavaScript

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