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Process and stages

01 Requirements gathering
  • Analysis of provided information
  • Assessment of business and technical needs
  • Market research
  • Questions for the further discussion
02 Preparing the Initial Specifications
  • Defining the high-level project architecture
  • Features overview by technical team
  • Suggestions on UI/UX design and technical solutions
  • Questions for the further discussion
03 Creating the Development Plan
  • Estimation of time and costs required for the development
  • Detailed breakdown of hours needed for every feature
  • Defining the team that suits the project
  • Suggestions on the technology stack
04 Full Ready Package to Start Development
  • Budget
  • Initial Specifications
  • Team
05 Development
  • Database Structuring
  • Backend Development
  • HTML/CSS Slicing
  • Frontend Coding
  • System Engineering
06 Testing
  • Unit testing
  • System testing
  • Integration testing
  • Acceptance testing
  • Security checks
  • Automatic testing
07 Delivery
  • Setting up a server or environment
  • Migration of code and database
  • Final testing
  • Passing documentation to a client
08 Maintenance
  • Support and troubleshooting
  • Design and functionality updates
  • Server maintenance
  • Third-party APIs and systems updates