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E-commerce website for brand of contemporary furniture and home decor, crafted using traditional handcrafting techniques.


Mapico is a Ukrainian brand of contemporary furniture and home decor, crafted using traditional handcrafting techniques. It was founded by Maria Pulayeva. The main goal of Mapico is to preserve and modernize the ancient Ukrainian tradition. The brand values maintaining the traditional production process, which is both environmentally friendly and aligns with society's demand for sustainable consumption.


The primary objective was to design a website tailored to the Western market, presenting the brand and enabling direct sales on Shopify, with a minimalist style and restrained color palette. It was also essential to unveil the history of the traditional Ukrainian craft - 'lizhnykarstvo'.

Brand History

Designer Maria Pulayeva drew inspiration from her journey through the Ukrainian Carpathian Mountains and her interaction with the Hutsul bedding artisans. This inspired her to create the Ukrainian brand Mapico, with its primary goal being the preservation and modernization of the ancient Ukrainian tradition.

Creation process of the lizhnyk
(woolen blanket)

The technology of these products has not changed for centuries. Until now, after the canvas flows out, it is thrown into a shaft - a special structure on a mountain river. In the valil, the spoon is rinsed for 4-10 hours, washed well and shrinks, becomes denser. Further, the finished product is dried in free mountain air.


Mapico's products are divided into three categories: armchairs & poufs, carpets & blankets, and decorative pillows. Each product is meticulously handcrafted, making them truly unique. As a result, we have chosen to maintain minimal filtering based on categories.

Product page

Thanks to high-quality photos and a user-friendly gallery, customers can examine the product and material textures in detail. For interior designers, we've included a link to a 3D model. Our products are available only through custom orders and come with a corresponding form, allowing you to request customization for specific items. Additionally, there's a feature to add related products, such as pillow fillings, to enhance the overall shopping experience. For convenience, product dimensions are provided in multiple metric systems.


The Mapico brand actively participates in international exhibitions of furniture and home decor design. Mapico's products have been showcased multiple times in Paris, as well as in Vilnius and Berlin. Therefore, it was essential to develop a user-friendly gallery so that clients could keep their fingers on the pulse of the latest events in the world of Mapico.


Moreover, Mapico brand offers personalized products made to order. On the customization page, we have outlined the entire process, starting from placing the order to creating and delivering the customized item to the customer. We also provide useful information to assist in the decision-making process. To make things even more convenient, we have developed a calculator that helps customers estimate the approximate cost of the product based on their desired specifications.


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