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© 2024 urich

Mobile development
UI/UX Design

Find fido

Mobile app that helps reunite lost pets with their owners and also find a new owner to adopt the animal.


  • Searching

    Easily discover lost and found pets with our intuitive search tools, ensuring you find the furry friend you're looking for.

  • Posting ads

    Craft compelling and informative ads to help reunite lost pets with their owners or find loving homes for pets in need.

  • Communication

    Stay connected with other users through direct messaging, making it simple to coordinate pet reunions or adoptions with ease.

First enter

The application offers a convenient login and registration system, allowing users to choose between their personal phone number, email address, or using their Apple, Google, or Facebook accounts.


The app offers both a convenient basic text search and an enhanced search with filters based on categories, animal types, breeds, and their status. Additionally, on the main page, users have access to a continuously updated feed of the latest ads for lost, found, or adoptable animals.

New ad creating

It's incredibly simple for the user to create an ad: they can easily describe the animal, select an ad category, specify the animal's characteristics, and provide the necessary location and owner contact details.


While designing the communication part of the application, we incorporated a familiar design commonly found in many messaging apps. This design allows users to send and receive messages and attach photos quickly. In case of suspicious behavior from the chat partner, users have the option to report and block them.

Custom character images

Custom character images in our application are crafted to express unique brand identity, engaging users through an emotional connection, and illustrating key features, enhancing the overall user experience. These images have been strategically incorporated during the onboarding phase, contributing not only to establishing an emotional bond with users but also improving their initial understanding of the application's key functionalities.


  • Flutter
  • Lavarel
  • React.js
  • Redux
  • PHP
  • MySQL
  • Next.js
  • TypeScript

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