Travel Afrique

A Swiss startup that unites photographers and travel agencies. On the site you can order tours to Africa, as well as announce photographers who add photos of their own so that the tours are more colorful and tourists can see unique places.

Project: Web development

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About Project

What does Travel Afrique do?

Travel Afrique connects travelers from all over the world with local African travel agencies. In doing so, middlemen are cut out of the process with the goal of making travel and experiences in Africa more affordable and enjoyable for you. By connecting directly our local travel agencies with you, Travel Afrique guarantee:

An incomparable expertise of the destination A shortened response time A tailor-made trip that suits your desires and budget A final price almost 3 times cheaper than a classic travel agency A much more equitable distribution of revenues for local travel agencies
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About Project


“Travel Afrique is not your regular workplace. We believe that people who achieve outstanding achievements do not have jobs. What they have is a mission. We take our mission seriously, imagine every day how we can have a meaningful impact on people in the future and work to make that future a reality today. Travel Afrique’s mission is to make Africa more accessible to the world.”

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Technologies that we used

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