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The client has a regular auto parts store in Manchester and he wanted to expand his business by creating an online store.
The problem was that the assortment of goods in excess of 300 thousand items and it is necessary that there should be a quick search on the site and a convenient catalog to find the necessary auto parts.
Was realized a full-fledged online store in which users can make purchases by paying for goods with a Visa or MasterCard card, as well as using PayPal, for this purpose was integrated a Stripe payment system with full integration with the site.
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The database architecture is implemented in such a way that the search for products on the site does not exceed 2 seconds, and the cataloger was implemented on the basis of the structure of TechDoc.
Also, was implemented the integration of the site with the client's accounting system, where makes synchronization of goods with the site, changing the number and assortment of goods, as well as accounting sales on the site.

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