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Full-cycle iOS and Android app development
We are living in a mobile world, and your business website needs to keep up. Even if the majority of your website traffic comes from desktop devices (which is common for B2B businesses), search engines like Google are focused on the mobile user experience.
iOS app development
Android app development
Custom iOS and Android apps for you business

Mobile app development for iOS and Android is the best way to promote your business. Today, the smartphone is the most convenient device for accessing the Internet. Mobile messengers are becoming more and more popular

Mobile chat applications are a convenient form of communication. Such applications will not let the owner get bored and help to plan things. Mobile communication applications and mobile messengers will become indispensable helpers for both business and entertainment.


Every year, the world's largest companies offer more and more modern mobile devices. Most people cannot imagine their smartphones without the ability to watch videos anytime, anywhere.

Smartphones and tablets usually have built-in video players and video streaming services, but their functions are very limited. So multifunctional video services from third-party developers are in demand today.

Order the development of a video player for iOS and Android in Urich and you will receive:

  • Collaboration with a team of professionals.
  • Quality assurance and terms.
  • Warranty support for the project.
  • High level design of mobile applications.
  • Creative ideas and innovative solutions for the tasks.


Creating mobile applications of booking systems (booking applications) allows you to complement your service with more accessible and convenient features for users, which will invariably expand your customer base and increase your profit.

The development of a reservation system with us is based on close interaction with the client. The customer can always count on professional technical support of the project after its launch and commissioning.


Taxi is comfortable and affordable mode of transport. Over time, in the word "comfort" we invest not only the quality of the vehicle and driver’s skills, but also the convenience of calling a car.

Information technology has not passed this segment of the market - mobile applications for calling a taxi confidently enter the road transportation market.

Both taxi customers and operators are interested in developing mobile applications.

The advantage of the mobile taxi application: high level of service, innovative competitive advantage and increase in the number of solvent customers.


If you want to create a mobile application for a delivery service, we will be happy to help you. A mobile application for delivery is an increase in the number of customers, more orders and, accordingly, business growth.

For the success of any online service, thoughtful usability is very important. Such factors are important: the site and the mobile application should be attractive, simple and convenient. Navigation and services should be intuitive. And the design harmoniously complement the photos and descriptions of the product or product and in no case distract the attention of users.



node Node.js
msql MySQL
Rn React Native
Firebase Firebase
Kotlin Kotlin
docker docker

Development Process


Idea or Concept Design

The first stage is when the idea is already there, and the developer has all the necessary tools for its implementation. But where to start? We start by exploring the niche, target audience, and product case studies. This helps to understand the future customers of the service and create a user interface that is optimal for each of them.

At this stage, aspects such as the size and arrangement of buttons and forms, fonts, and many other aspects of the interface structure may be affected.



At this point, you both know everything that will be involved – and you can start calculating the effort it will involve. This is a full-team effort on the provider’s part to define based on previous experience and your specifications.

This defines how much work will be needed for each individual component, fit them all together and test them to make sure they work as intended.



Evaluation of the project created by a team of developers. The client receives a preliminary commercial offer for application development: stages of application development, terms and cost, specialists, guarantees.



Design is not just how it looks like, but how it works. User experience and user-friendliness are crucial.

The design of all screens of the future application is created and various states are drawn for all use cases. After the approval of the design concept, internal buttons and icons are drawn, as well as all other graphic elements. As a rule, rendering the design of a mobile application involves usability research in order to make sure that the developed design concept is as simple and convenient as possible and will help users to solve tasks as quickly as possible.



Programming, setting all the features and bringing everything together into a working product.

Developers are given the terms of reference and application design layouts and they begin to “create”. Programmers "transform" a static picture into an interactive working model. The first version of the application is released.



At various stages of application development, internal testing of the application is mandatory both on simulators and on real devices. The purpose of testing is to make sure that the interaction of the application with the hardware and software platform of smartphones and tablets will be exactly as expected at the prototyping stage.

Even the best code is not immune to minor bugs. Testing the application, identifying and fixing “bugs” is an important part in the development process. After all, the user must get an application that works like a Swiss watch.


Deploy to production

As part of publishing applications on the App Store, Google Play, Windows Store, the requirements provided by the platforms for hosting software products are met, their descriptions and screenshots are created, aimed at providing potential customers with information about the product and stimulating its download and installation.



After completion of development and implementation, the customer is provided with technical and information support, including the development of updates, improvements and product upgrades. These services can be provided in advance by the statement of work and an agreement with the customer, which will allow you to effectively plan and optimize the budget.

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